Pump Upgrading FAQ

Upgrading an existing pump can be a cost effective solution to reducing energy costs or increasing production without the additional cost of extensive site work, here are several often asked questions.

How can upgrading my pump reduce energy costs

If you are upgrading your pump because it is worn then the replacement/refurbished pump will operate at optimum performance which is likely to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. If the pump has been installed for a longer period of time it is likely that the required duty has changed, either due to production requirements or degradation of the system, an upgraded pump can be optimised for these revised duty requirements which can improve real world efficiency considerably.






Do I have to change my pipework to facilitate a new pump?

In most cases no, we can design your replacement pump to your dimensional requirements, no site alteration should be required. You will have to ensure that your installed pipework and ancillary equipment however is suitable for the revised flow rate and pressure.

Can a refurbished pump have a different duty to the original?

Yes, we can upgrade your existing pump to deliver a revised duty. There are three limiting factors, 1) The pressure rating of the original pumps discharge head and columns. 2) The power/thrust rating of the original pumps shafts and bearing housing, ( not a problem with upgraded shafts and thrust bearing ). 3) the maximum flow rate that can pass through the original pumps, columns and discharge head.

What materials are available?

We can supply most pumps in any material required by the application. We can also advise on the most cost effective materials, there is always a balance between cost and durability, but we will work with you to get the balance that best suits your expectations and needs.

I have problems with pump bearing failure.

You should not have any problems with a modern line shaft pumps bearings. We will work with you to identify the cause of the problem to ensure your replacement/upgraded pump works faultlessly.